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Pop Hero

The Pop Hero is great for beginners, songwriters & musicians wanting to learn the hidden tricks and secrets behind playing and writing pop songs. Most pop songs consist of just a few simple chords and/or progressions and once you begin to recognise them you’ll see that they’re actually quite easy to play. If you write music or want to write music you’ll even be able to use these chord progressions in your own songs. We start by looking at the basic major and minor chord shapes, playing them in their different inversions and then how to add embellishments such as sus2, sus4, maj7, minor7 & dominant7’s to make our chords sound more interesting and professional. We look the most popular chord progressions, famous pop songs which use these progressions, and then the different ways that we can play these progressions. The course is divided into a 10-week lesson plan and encourages up to half an hours practice per day. Each lesson contains three play alongs to help you with your practice. You don’t need to have any musical knowledge to take this course and it has been designed to avoid the need for reading music, however musical scores of all of the play alongs are included for those of you that require it.

Included in this course

10 video lessons

30 play alongs to practise

21 scored play alongs

Beautifully illustrated diagrams

Reading material covering the whole lesson