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When it comes to naming the black notes it’s a little bit more complicated because each black note can be called two names. An easy way to look at it is to take the direction you go to get to that note. For example if I was on a F and I went up to the black note above it then it would be called an F#. The ‘#’ sign means sharp which means you go up one note (one semitone) from the note that you’re on. However if I was on the G and I went to the black note just below it it would be called a Gb. The ‘b’ sign stands for flat which means take the note and go down one note. If you look at the piano keys you’ll actually notice that I’m talking about the same note and so that black note can be called F# or Gb. Now it all depends on what key you’re in to whether it’s called a ‘#’ or a ‘b’ but for now that’s a quick explanation on naming the black notes. See the diagram below for all the black note names. Also try picking any black note on the piano and then naming it.