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Chord Book

The Chord Book is a beautifully illustrated photobook of all the chords you need to know throughout this website. Every chord is displayed in each of its positions covering the whole length of the piano. Often when you come across a song online or in a book you are just given the chord names or guitar tab but have no idea of how or where to play it on the piano. Instead you can now open the ‘Chord Book’ pull up the chord you want to know how to play and see it along with all its positions/inversions. When activated the chord book will appear under the ‘CHORDS’ tab in the top menu of this website.

Included in this course

Major/Minor chords in all inversions

Sus2 & sus4 chord

Major 7th, minor 7th and dominant 7th chords

All # and b chords covering every key signature

Beautifully illustrated drawings by Thom Morgan

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