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Blues Hero

The Blues Hero is great for beginners and intermediate players wanting an introduction to blues piano. We start at the very beginning with naming the notes on the piano and quickly move into more competent playing to a 12 bar blues that with a little bit of practise will sound very impressive.
The course is divided into a 10-week lesson plan and encourages up to half an hours practice per day. Each lesson contains three play alongs at different speeds to help you with your practice. You don’t need to have any musical knowledge to take this course and it has been designed to avoid the need for reading music.

Included in this course

10 video lessons

30 play alongs to practise

Beautifully illustrated diagrams

Reading material covering the whole lesson

Course Breakdown

Course Breakdown

LESSON 1 – How to find and name all the white notes on the piano, hand placement for both the C and F position, left hand shapes and how to play both hands together.

LESSON 2 – How to play in the G position, add Major chord shapes to the right hand and learn the structure of the ’12 Bar Blues’.

LESSON 3 – Learn the names of all the black notes and how sharps and flats work, add a new shape to the right hand, learn the difference between a crotchet and a quaver and add a swung quaver rhythm to to both hands.

LESSON 4 – We extend our right hand shapes further and learn how to play different rhymes in each hand.

LESSON 5 – We add an additional chord change to our ’12 Bar Blues’ and create a new pattern with our right hand shapes.

LESSON 6 – Add grace notes and tremolos to our existing patterns and learn a new octave shape.

LESSON 7 – Learn about tones and semitones and add Dominant 7th shapes to our right hand.

LESSON 8 – How to play a walking bass line in the left hand.

LESSON 9 – Learn a verity of blues licks formed from our exciting right hand shapes.

LESSON 10 – Add in a nice ending to our ’12 Bar Blues’ to complete our song.

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